$700/mo!!! no credit/soc card OK. -- You can OWN!!! Wharton Hablo Espanol$700(Wharton, TX)

Same as rent, but you can own! no credit/soc card OK. Wharton YX Hablo Espanol Are you looking to get out of the rental rut? Did you think you could never own your own home? Do you have a decent paying job, but your credit sux? Do you need another chance, but no one will give it to you? Guess what, I have the answer. I have put together an awesome lease to own program for folks that have good incomes, but not so good credit for whatever reason. Yes, I will check your credit, and expect you to be fully honest with me as to what happened to damage it. BUT, if your problems are resolved, and you make verifiable income sufficient to meet our standards, I will be willing to owner finance you directly, without any of the bulls**t and red tape of traditional financial institutions. I have 3 homes available in different parts of Wharton Texas right now under this program. One is a 3/1 Brick, One is 4/1 Frame, and the last one is a 3/2/2 Brick. CORRECTION UPDATE....ONLY THE 4/1 IS AVAILABLE, THE OTHERS ARE RENTED ALREADY. THE 4/1 CAN BE HAD FOR ONLY $700 PER MONTH. Call today and you could possibly be in your very own home by tomorrow. 832-574-4969 or for SPANISH ONLY CALL 832-651-3689